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6 Months / Six Weeks Catia Training in Chandigarh

Catia Industrial Training In Chandigarh, Catia Institute In Chandigarh

Vertex Info Solution deliver certified CATIA training course for the complete range of CATIA modules and solutions. Our trainers have years of experience in using CATIA, and as a result, our CATIA training course in Chandigarh is created to fulfill the requirements of engineers.

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What is CATIA

CATIA (Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application) is the most useful widely applied CAD (computer aided design) software of its kind throughout the world. CATIA is a 3D CAE/CAM/CAD software, and it is widely applied in the automation industry such as Rolls-Royce Motors, Land Rover, BMW, and the aerospace industry including Bombardier Aerospace, AirBus, Boeing, etc and shipping industry and the industrial equipment design industry (Alstom, ABB, etc.). if you’re related to the mechanical engineering or mechanical designing and you want to develop your career in the fields of automotive/aerospace and shipbuilding industry, CATIA will help you to not only get a good job but also promise a successful career.


If you want to transform a two dimensional drawing into three dimensions, you need to learn CATIA. CATIA lets you develop the skills to convert the drawings into more realistic dimensions. You can draw the sketches easily with CATIA. In addition to that, it is 100% job oriented course and you can get a good job in India or even abroad.

If you want to become a part of the best training institute for CATIA in Chandigarh join Vertex Info Solution. Our highly qualified and trained faculty will guide you through all the steps of the course. Feel free to pay us a visit.

CATIA uses

Automotive, Aerospace, Shipbuilding and much more

Who uses CATIA

Engineers, architecture, developers